Review – Mega Bloks First Builders Bundle from The Entertainer

First Builder Logo with MBWe love building blocks of any kind at our house. I personally love building blocks because they are toys that can be played with again and again and each time there is something new to create. Blocks never outgrow the child as even though the blocks maybe for little ones – older children could quite easily play with them too.



When I received the Mega Bloks Bundle First Builders Range from The Entertainer to review, I was really pleased. We have a big bag of blocks already but I have learnt that you can never have too many blocks. The fact that the ones I have are Mega Bloks too, made it so much nicer.

The Bundle contained:

 Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag


 Lil’ Vehicle Susie School Bus


Lil’Princess and Pony



The colours were geared more towards a girl as they were mostly pink,light green, lilac and white and are really pretty.

The blocks are durable and easy for little hands to hold. Also since they are quite large, it is easy for little ones to stack and build and it encourages creativity and hand to eye coordination.




  •  Durable
  • Attractively coloured
  • Encourages cognitive development
  • Does not ever become boring as there is no limit to things one can make
  • Waterproof so can be taken into the bath
  • Big pieces so don’t get lost easily
  • Easy to clear up.
  • Aids in teaching colours
  • Wide target range 18 months  – 5 years


  • None


We love the little school bus and Aeryn loves ‘driving’ it around. There was only one thing – quite a few times, her finger got stuck between the wheel and the wing and she got a bit worried. But she soon learnt not to put her fingers in and she enjoys playing with it. The truck also comes with a driver and a lid that opens up to a little space where blocks can be kept.



The fairy with the pony is also a big hit. It is really sweet and a unicorn actually. While sometimes blocks are inclined to be gender favouring to boys at least this is clearly a girl’s toy. The fairy and the unicorn have wings and the fairy has a little crown that can go up and down. The blocks are sparkly pink so even my elder girl loves them and think they are really cute.










As said earlier, there are many things that can be done with blocks. It is good for teaching colours as you can tell the child to group the blocks according to colour. It is also useful in teaching counting.

Mega Bloks are great for playing alone or with siblings/friends.

We normally have a little competition and keep changing the conditions- so sometimes it’s make something with a certain number of blocks or sometimes only use one colour and create something.

With blocks it is always easy to buy more and add to the collection, making it have even more appeal each time.








J3 rates these toys as:         

Value for money      5/5

Durability                 5/5

Creativity                  5/5

Development           5/5

Fun                             5/5

I think these Mega Bloks are good value for money as they provide many hours of playing fun. My 4-year old says they are great and my 2-year old has learnt to identify ‘pink’ blocks.

I would definitely recommend that any parent put this on their ‘To Buy’ list.

Disclosure: I received the Mega Bloks First Builder Bundle from The Entertainer for an honest review.


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