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Li’l Lingo Books are books that give a message and are written in English with a Spanish alongside. The illustrations are colourful. The rhyme scheme does not always keep to the pattern but the book that I reviewed was about a little girl who could not sleep but managed to get sleep after finding a friend in God. The book teaches Christian principles and is good for religious education.

I found the illustrations taking away a little from the story but they are quite unique and look quite artistic.


The Author says


One night I was lying in bed some months after I returned from six months traveling in Europe. Some of the colorful people I had met were dancing across the recesses of my imagination. In a dream-like state I imagined a little girl full of wide eyes and wonder, taking in all she had seen while traveling. This overwhelm stretched beyond the recent explorations into her past.

What was born was Li’l Lingo. She likes adventure, music and rhyme. Bicycles. Guitars. Sports. Did I mention rhyme? To date there are four books in the making, with dozens more waiting to come to life. What is needed is time. While promoting one, I have not the time to create another, but I pray one day soon I will.

I have been writing since I could walk (well, nearly), studied medicine in college (of all things!), wrote music and played around town in a band. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs a really sickly kid but acted like a real street-wise tomboy. I have lived in six states and five countries. Oh, and I lived on a 93ft double-masted sailboat in the Greek isles, too, after buying a 16ft Coronado sailboat and teaching myself to sail (a different set of stories altogether).

Presently, I am living between Andalucia and Oxford, bouncing around between them with my hubby and my laptop. You can generally find me following the sun…

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