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I was recently invited to attend an event which was the launch of the Jump Up and Join In App. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but I have reviewed the App below.

If anyone has seen the CBeebies show Carrie and David’s Pop Shop and anyone who has children is probably familiar with this. It is all about music and was very popular at our home.

Well, they have now teamed up with Egmont, the book publishers and brought out an app for 4 -8 year olds that is available for the iPhone and iPad.


The app has a read along story which is great as the children love the animation that comes along with it. It can be narrated to start of with and the words are highlighted as it is read so children can learn familiar words.





Beats on the Bongos and Musical Stairs are interactive and are good for teaching a child rhythm and encouraging them to identify beats. There are 4 levels in each game and when you complete each level you get a star which I know from experience little children love to get. Its wonderful to see their faces light up and provides great encouragement.  DSC07584






The best part of the app obviously is the Jump Up and Join In bit where one can pick a face and add it to the picture, change the outfit and the back drop and then record one’s own voice and play the performance. You can save this or you can even upload it straight to Facebook so that others can share in the fun.


We all enjoyed the app and even I was quite entertained with the performance part of it. My little one, 2, enjoys seeing her face in the dancing figure.

It is quite an entertaining app for children and they have enjoyed playing on it. I am hoping that there will be more books and tunes added to it so we can update it regularly.

Jacintaz3 highly recommends this JUJI App for little ones.

Here is the video that we uploaded to Facebook that Jadyn made on her own.



Disclosure: I received a code to download and try out the App. All opinions are my own.


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