Review – Johnsons Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo


I love the Johnson’s baby products for children and have always used them for my little ones.

Besides being kind to their skin, the products also do not sting the eyes and they have a lovely, gentle scent. I can quite honestly say that I have used nothing else for them (except when my little boy suffers from mild eczema) Even then, he still uses the shampoo as it makes the hair really soft.

When I got an opportunity to try out the Johnsons Easy Rinse Foaming shampoo, I jumped at it as it sounded exactly like what I needed. It also came with a little froggy mirror and a flexible rinse cup to help shampoo the hair.












My children are a bit scared of water going on their face so the cup was a big help. It has a soft, flexible area made of rubber that presses on the head ensuring that the water trickles only down the hair. They are still a bit nervous though of using it.

The Frog mirror is a big hit and I have discovered that my children are very vain. ( wonder where they get it from!!)


We loved the shampoo.  The pump makes it easy for children to use and they have fun getting the foamy shampoo onto their hands and on their hair themselves.


Since it is foamy it is very easy to rinse off and this is really handy with children who (almost) bring the house down when water is poured to rinse shampoo off their heads.


Combined with the No Tears formula of Johnsons products and the lovely gentle scent, I think this shampoo is yet another great product from Johnsons. It serves to make me love the Johnsons products more.

I have been invited by the JOHNSON’S® Baby team to try their product and blog about it. They have sent me a free sample of the product and some additional bath time toys as a gift. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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