Review: Interplay’s Wild Science Lip Balm Lab

Jadyn’s created her own lip balm and is proud to show it off.
It was super easy to do and in no time at all, she had her own special blend of formula ready. It looks great!

lip balm5
Of course, this is all thanks to Interplay’s Wild Science Lip Balm Lab.
Sporting a coloured, sparkly lip balm for a 9 year old is cool – making your own is – ‘Wow’

nail lab
The Lip Balm Lab contains the following –
• Soy Ester
• Baby Oil
• Vegetable Wax Beads
• Fine Shimmer
• Strawberry Flavouring
• Oil Based Red Colouring
• Lip Balm Storage Jar
• Spoons
• Spatula
• Big & Small Beaker
• Gloves
• Use by Date Stickers
• Special Workbench
• Microwave Heating Tray
• Colour Instruction Manual
Yes, I know it sounds like a lot but it really was easy to make. I didn’t have to help Jadyn, except with the microwave bit although even that, she could have managed on her own while being careful.

Scrape a level spoon of soy ester into the beaker.

lip balm1
Add a small scoop of wax beads to the beaker.

lip balm 2

Add 12 drops of baby oil.

lip balm 3

Put 35 ml of cold water into the big beaker and put it in the heating tray. Microwave for 45 seconds.

Put the small beaker into it – in about 2 minutes the mixture will begin melting. Stir until the wax beads dissolve.

lip balm 4

After this you can add your colour, shimmer and flavour and stir it for your own personal blend.

lipbalm 6All you need then is to name it and use it every time you go out.

You can use the handy blocks to store your lip balm or put it into the little jar.

Both Jadyn and I thought this was a great set. I was so inclined to try it out for myself but stepped back to give Jadyn her moment. 🙂
I liked the idea that there is information about the ingredients, how balm works and practical hints on how to remove balm from clothes (very handy).

The Lip Balm Lab is priced at £12.99 and I think it is excellent value for money.
It would make any little girl happy.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the above product for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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