Review: Innotab 2 Baby from Vtech

My children are tech crazy – they hog my iPad and my Kindle. I am careful with my stuff and ensure that they cannot download anything without me signing it off as all my devices are password locked. For most accounts one normally has to link a card and though I try my level best not to do so, I think I missed this one. My 2 year old downloaded a game for £2.99 on my phone without me knowing it. I only came to know that it had been downloaded when I received an email which said “thank you for downloading…”

Now I have two choices – either I don’t allow the kids access to my devices or I keep checking and rechecking to see if the passwords are water tight. I cannot ‘not’ allow them on my devices as they do need to keep up with the times. And checking all the time becomes a bit painful.

I was always after getting the children a child friendly device for my own peace of mind. Luckily for me, I got an opportunity to review the VTech Innnotab2 Baby.


 When it arrived, my little one was completely taken with it. She calls the iPad a ‘pi pad’ so having her own ‘pi pad’ made her feel really important.


 The Innotab2 Baby has some awesome features for a little one. It has a lovely display screen and the picture quality is great. It is sturdy and I can certainly vouch for this as my little one has dropped it several times but it still works well.


The Innotab 2 Baby is just the right size for little hands. It is also nice and chunky to hold and since there is a border around the screen, it can be held without getting finger marks (or chocolate) on the screen.

It comes with a gel case included which further protects the device.

The best part about it is that there is no danger of children downloading anything as it is not connected to the internet.

The Innotab baby comes with games and you also get to download 2 free games from the learning lodge. It can also support different profiles so you can several children in the house working on the same device but at different levels.

innotab 2 baby

To get on to learning lodge you do require a computer so you can connect the Innotab to download the games or apps but it is quite easy to do this with the help of the connecting cable. The Learning Lodge has many different apps that you can download age specific apps suited to your children. You can also check on the progress made by your child.

The Learning Lodge has apps targeted to Creativity, Handwriting, Language Arts, Maths, Memory, Problem Solving, Science and Social Studies. There are also Music apps, E-books and Videos. You can also download cartridges which are similar to what you can purchase in shops. A cartridge includes an interactive e-book, story dictionary, games and creative activities. There are also attractive Disney apps that any child will enjoy.

In terms of the actual gaming or learning experience, I think the Innotab 2 baby is ideal for little ones learning to use a touch screen device. There is a pen/stylus provided which is suited to little hands. The touch screen itself responds well to touch and so far Aeryn has had no problems using the screen. In fact she had no problems navigating it from the word go and did not really need help.

Of all the apps – she loves the drawing app and doodles away. She also loves the nursery rhyme app and plays it and sings along with it.

innotab2 baby 1

There is only one thing that could have made this outstanding and this is a charging function. I do understand that it could have to do with safety but the fact that the device uses batteries is a bit of a downside. I use rechargeable batteries no doubt but I have to ensure that the batteries are always charged and ready. To do this there is also a need to keep opening the battery area with a screwdriver. Besides each time the battery needs removing eon has to remove the gel cover if you are using it and again this can be a little tedious.

Another niggle is that the apps are a little on the expensive side but they are really great apps for children and are worth it.

The camera is okay as long as you have good light but given that this is aimed at children aged 1+ years, I would say that this can be overlooked.

We love the Innotab 2 baby in our home. It’s a brilliant learning system, easy to navigate and attractive for little ones. Aeryn takes her everywhere. She loves Peppa Pig and I downloaded the Peppa Pig video which she can watch for hours. This is especially nice for long car journeys.

All in all, this is a brilliant device for a little one. It is priced at £84.99 and is available from the VTech website maybe considered a bit on the expensive side but it provides years of entertainment and learning for little ones. Besides, it keeps them off your devices so it is well worth it.

If you are looking for a prefect toddler gift for Christmas, this is definitely the one to get.


Disclaimer: I received the Innotab 2 Baby for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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