Review: Hero by Sarah Lean

Hero hero sarah lean

Jadyn loves reading and I never, ever say no to reviewing books.

I do admit that this book was a bit different to what she normally reads so I wondered how she would get on.

Hero is about a a little boy called Leo who would love to be a gladiator. Wanting to be part of ‘the’ crowd at school, he makes some not so good choices but walks away in the end a true hero. Of course, this is with the help of Jack Pepper, his four legged friend.

It is a story about making the right choices and sticking by them even if you are not considered ‘cool’. Hero teaches about friendships and and not giving in to peer pressure, something that children have to face so much off these days.

Jadyn loved the story and since she (amazingly) reads two books at the same time, loved the shorter chapters in the book. The book is 293 pages long but the print is large so it does not seem that long, as per her.

I had not heard of Sarah Lean but Jadyn had heard of ‘A Dog Called Homeless’ and I think I am going to have to buy her that book soon.

I liked the simple writing and the clear storyline. It is targeted to children aged about 8 -10 and will appeal to both girls and boys.

We also received Jack Pepper, which is the book that preceeded Hero and it was a lovely short read. In fact it is a book that can be purchased using the World Book Day token that children receive for just £1.

Disclaimer: I received these two books for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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