Review: Healthy snacks from Nakd

This year, I am starting to make changes to my diet and subsequently to the family diet. I am trying to cut out the nasties, sugar content and where possible eat fresh, natural ingredients.


Nakd sounded like just the thing to try out since these bars have no added sugar and are wheat, dairy and gluten free. They have raw fruit and nuts squashed together to form the bar.

Okay, I will be honest. At first taste, it does not taste as good as a chocolate bar. Well, the fact is  – it isn’t.

The bars were new to taste but not unpleasant and once you have had a few you begin to like the chewy texture.

I was sent a combination of Nakd – Cocoa delight, Cocoa Mint and Cocoa Orange. All the bars are made up of dates, raisins, cashew nuts and cocoa. All flavours are natural.

I think these bars are good for those snack times when you need a snack and all you do is go and have a biscuit or two. These are healthy snacks and count as 1 of your 5-a-day so what’s not to like?

The bars are sweet but not excessively so as the sugars are all naturally occurring.

I did think when I first tasted them that they would probably appeal to the more adult palate. However, my 5 year old son just loves them and that surprised me as he is quite selective in his tastes.

I would definitely recommend these bars for anyone looking for healthy snacks  to munch during the day and even for lunch boxes. Natural balance has a good range of health food online so if you are looking for any healthy food products, do visit the website.

Disclosure: I received a box of Nakd bars to review. All ideas and  opinions are completely my own.

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