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I love toys that have an educational value or inspire children to get creative and most toys nowadays fit into one of these categories.

For little girls who are 6 going on 16, it is sometimes difficult to get the perfect gift. They are too old for dolls and too young for make-up. But no girl is ever too young (or too old) for clothes. My little 2 year old knows exactly what she likes to wear. As well as loving to shop for clothes, I think most of us have within us the secret desire to design our own clothes. The world of fashion is always alluring.

Jadyn loves to design clothes and dreams of being a fashion designer so when we were sent a Harumika  Designer Dress set to review, she was absolutely thrilled. She lost no time in designing a few dresses and learnt pretty soon how to tuck the fabric in to get the desired effect.  DSC06921

The Designer Dress set (Belly Dance) had two dress forms and 4 pieces of fabric in satin and shimmer material. There were also some glitter stickers and a belt.

The Harumika collection is actually a creative set for your little budding designer. There is wide scope to create many different designs. All you need to do is to use the fabric given and tuck it in with stylus design tool into the back of the dress form. This set came with pink and purple fabrics so it is easy to see that a lot of work goes into creating this playset as they haven’t just put pieces of fabric in to work with. The colours are chosen such that they can be cleverly mixed and matched to create stunning designs.

I had never really seen this toy – and I don’t really like calling it that, because I think it is so much more – close up. I had heard about this range but hadn’t really taken notice. I think this is a brilliant set to give to little girls. For girls in the age range 6+, it is a great gift. Price wise also, it is not too expensive and is quite reasonable for the playtime that it provides.

I think that the Harumika range inspires creativity in little girls. I could not resist and had a go too.

I am also happy to say that I happened to see a competition to design a prom dress on Twitter run by Bandai Toys UK. Jadyn had little time but she designed one and I sent it in and she won. It was a great bonus and she is completely sold on Harumika.

As a prize, she received another set and needless to say she is absolutely thrilled.



Jadyn's Winning Prom  Dress Design
Jadyn’s Winning Prom Dress Design


DSC06953 DSC06946 DSC06943

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