Review – Fairy Letter Piggy Bank

My elder two both have their piggy banks and everytime we used to give them change to put in, the little one would always put her hand out but she never had anywhere to put it.

Now though, she has her own personalised Fairy Letter Piggy Bank and she loves it. I think this would make an excellent Christening gift.

DSC07846 DSC07844

 The piggy bink in pink was sent to me for review from Goodheart gifts. As I said before, it was personalised for her and it is really easy to do.


Hers has an ‘A’ on it and on the other side; there is place for a 3 line message, each to a maximum of 15 characters in length.


The piggy bank is made of ceramic and is really sweet. I think it is also a  wonderful gift for a child for an occasion like a birthday or Christmas.

It is also a great gift because it encourages good money habits of saving from a young age.

It retails at £19.95


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