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If you are going away on holiday with your children, this case is one that will definitely help you keep them occupied on the flight. The Playaway case is a case designed for children that is sure to thrill them.

The Playaway case is sturdy and well made. We got the one that has Eva Dee, the fox on it and my daughter can’t wait to take it on holiday with her.

Let’s look at some of the great features of the case and what we loved about it –

It is cabin sized – which means you can take it onboard with you and will not get told off by the air stewardess. It complies with current hand luggage requirements for most of the airlines.

playaway 2

It has a Playpod – wow, sounds like something hi-tech, but I think there is enough of this on the flight to give you a headache. No, this Playpod comes with a good old fashioned game that is played with dice and counters. There is also an activity book, crayons and ‘Where in the world’ Trivia cards that help keep children entertained on the flight.


There are also many free activities that can be downloaded from the website so the children never lose interest. All these activities are targeted to age range and are about different continents so the children can learn about where they are going to.

The playpod is also removable and this can be done by a child herself so you don’t need to keep removing it or putting it back for them.

On removal of the playpod, there is a board game that your children can play or you can play with them and this helps while away the hours spent in the close confines of a plane.


And yes, there are zippered compartments that can fit the DS and other knickknacks that children always want on holiday with them.

It has a hard plastic shell – this is great for children as they tend to bang things about ‘accidently on purpose’. This durability is essential for a child’s suitcase.

Good storage space with many zippered compartments – I like this feature as the case can be well organised so one knows exactly where things are kept.

Characters based on real life adventurers – so it gives children real persons to relate to.

It looks like an adult case – great for 8 year olds going on 18!!

It will give years of use – since it is so sturdily built, one will get a good number of years use out of it.

10 year limited warranty 


The not so important stuff I liked about it is that it came with a cover that can help to keep dust away when not in use. It also came with a plastic coating so that it does not get scratched in transit.

There was just one thing that may cause raised eyebrows – the price! It comes at a price of £99. But then, on review, for the features and the longevity and the excellent quality it would not be such an expensive option.

We give it a 10/10 and Jadyn cannot wait to take it on a trip.

playaway - collage



Disclosure: I was sent the Eva Dee Playaway case for review. All opinions and ideas expressed are my own.

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