Review: Disney Princess Next Generation Potty System from Tomy UK

At two my little one was able to tell me that she was doing a ‘wee’. I figured this was the time to begin potty training. However she showed no sign of wanting to be potty trained. In fact we had my son’s potty but each time I put her on it, she had a complete meltdown.

So much so, I stopped trying and was wondering what I would do. If I even mentioned the potty, she would get cranky.


Then I was sent a Disney Princess Next Generation Potty System  to review – and things changed.

Whether it was the pink colour or the fact that it didn’t look like a potty to begin with, she at least went near it.

I let her get ‘acquainted’ with it and she would take it apart and put it together. She also liked using it as a step stool and sitting on it too.

Finally after her bath one day, I asked her if she wanted the potty and she said yes. Bingo – she sat on it and now sits frequently on it.


She is still in nappies but is fine with sitting on the potty and am sure will soon be out of nappies totally.

I do think that the Disney potty system helped to make a big change in her attitude to potty training.

What I like about this potty system –

It is an appealing girly colour suited to girls and thus more attractive to them.


It has a lovely soft seat that is comfortable to sit on as potty training does take a considerable time.


The parts are all removable which means better cleaning.


There is a cover to it unlike other potty chairs so it is more hygienic.

You can remove the ‘potty’ parts and it transforms into a sturdy step stool.


The little ‘tring’ sound it makes is quite interesting to little ones so all the more incentive to sit on it.



The detachable trainer seat fits the toilet as the child grows.

There are little patterns on it that are intricate in detail and make it fit for a princess.

The pedestal type design looks lovely and very royal.


For us – this potty system has worked wonderfully and I am quite pleased to have been asked to review it.


If you are looking to potty train your little one, this is an ideal system to get.

Priced at £29.99 it is well worth the price.

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