Review – Day Dress from The Princess and the Frock

My daughter is my princess as I suppose it is for every Mum.

So I believe, every princess should have a special dress.

What is better than buying your princess a lovely bespoke day dress from The Princess and the Frock?

I had an opportunity to review a beautiful day dress for Aeryn which she wore on her birthday.

The dress arrived wrapped beautifully and I had chosen the ‘Fly Little Bird’ print. It was quite difficult to choose as they all looked rather lovely. What I really like is that the prints are child friendly and at the same time look so elegant.


The dress was slightly longer than what Aeryn normally wears but since she has just turned 2, it is to be expected as the age range is 2 -3.

I think she looks adorable in it and this is what the Princess and the Frock is about. The dresses are made to look really sweet. It is made so that the child can grow into it and later even use it as a tunic. It is also a very comfortable fit.

I know I will get a lot of use out of the dress as I can top it with leggings in autumn and winter and even add a long sleeved T-shirt if required.

I have also washed the dress in the washing machine and it washes pretty well.

If you think your daughter is a princess, please visit The Princess and the Frock. There are many love fabric designs and all the dresses are handmade so now two dresses are the same.



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