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We received the Chewie Gum to review and we love it. There were 2 boxes containing 24 packs of different flavours – Strawberry, Lime and Tropical.

The flavours are really nice and fruity. Out of all of them, the most popular was the Strawberry flavour.

The chewie gum is nice and ‘chewy’ and also great for blowing bubbles. The flavour does not run out soon and I found it really good for long drives.

Although my husband and I have chewing gum, I had not really introduced my children to it so this was a nice treat for them. I did, however, tell them that it must be disposed of in a paper or tissue so it does not get messy.

Jadyn loved it and we shared it with some of her friends. She has made up a little poem to show how much she liked it.

Chewie gum

Yum Yum Yum

Must not swallow

To my tum

Bubble fun

Makes me hum

If you want some

Ask your mum.

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