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I love my Cheeky Shoes. (Fullstop!!)

When I was given an opportunity to review CheekyShoes and I went and checked out the website, I was a bit apprehensive about which colour to choose as they looked ‘young’ (I am not saying I am old)

But going for the safest option, I chose the Electric Blue. The shoes arrived in about 2 days and they easily slipped through the letter box.

I chose a size that is my standard UK shoe size and the shoes fit perfectly.  There is also a super easy size guide that you can print out from the website and get your size if you are in doubt

The upper parts of the shoes are made from lycra and neoprene and are lovely, soft and comfortable and stretchy. The sole is made from rubber so it’s somewhat like wearing ballet shoes but without having to worry about treading on hard surfaces. The design will go well with jeans as well as with skirts so you are pretty much covered.


I tried mine out when I did the school run and I normally run as we seem to be running late everyday but end up in time for school. So even walking really fast and pushing a heavy buggy, the shoes passed with flying colours.

They are really comfortable and what I like about them is that you can wear heels for a party and carry them in your handbag and then switch shoes when you can’t handle the heels any longer. I will definitely be doing this at the BritMums Live Blogging conference in 10 days time.

I think this is a great idea for travel especially for long plane journeys as you need something comfortable and your feet tend to expand so the lycra will accommodate this. And because the colours are so great, you will be well in with the fashion of the times.

So the verdict? Every woman definitely needs a Cheeky Shoe as part of her wardrobe. Its at an affordable price of £19.99 and with the colours so bright and summery, you may want to get one to match every outfit.

I know I would love to!



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