Review: Braun ExactFit 5 6200 Blood Pressure Monitor

Ever since my pregnancy with Aeryn, I need to take blood pressure meds every day. I also have to monitor my pressure so that it is kept in check.

I know when I am feeling unwell and my pressure has dropped or risen and normally take my pressure to check if I am right. For this purpose I need to have a pressure monitoring machine at home.

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When I was sent a Braun Exact 5 6200 blood pressure monitor to review, I was pleased as I am familiar with the Braun products and know they are a very good brand.

My first impression on receiving the monitor was that it looked quite sleek. I was also pleased to see that it contained two cuffs in different sizes so my husband could also use it if required.

It is a WHO complaint monitor so that kind of gives me the reassurance that I am doing things right.

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The features of this monitor that I found really great are:

  • It detects irregular heartbeat
  • Morning and evening average function for the past 7 days and this can be seen in the form of a graph too so the visual representation is really neat.
  • It has 2 user memories so it is easy for two people in the family to use it. It also maintains up to 60 measurements for each user with the date and the time and this is a brilliant feature.
  • It has a large LCD display making it easier to read.
  • The inflation is really gentle so it is comfortable and does not feel like your veins are going to burst (that I have felt with some!)
  • The cuffs have clear markings to let you know where exactly it should be on the arm so you can’t go wrong.

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I have used a few machines so far – wrist ones and for the arm but this is definitely the best I have used and would highly recommend it.

Hypertension can causes cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks and is sometimes called the ‘Silent Killer’ so it is always good to have your pressure checked to prevent it from happening.

For further details visit Packed full of information and advice, Braun’s new microsite includes tips on controlling your blood pressure as well as practical videos showing you how to fit your Braun blood pressure monitor and understand your measurements.

The Braun blood pressure monitors are available nationwide at selected Boots stores. Visit the microsite for further information.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Braun Exact Fit 6200 Blood Pressure Monitor for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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