Review and Giveaway – Danny’s Diving Adventure from WOW Toys

I was pleased to get another toy to review from Wow Toys. We are big fans of WOW toys in our home as we love their durability and their bright colours. As a mum, I especially like that I don’t keep having to stock up on batteries and there are no tears and tantrums when I run out.

This time we got a bath toy to review – Danny’s Diving Adventure.


The set includes – Danny the boat, Mandy and Chris the divers, Daphne the dolphin and a diving board that can be removed.

The deck can be opened to reveal a cabin with a table and even a little cat. There is a diving board which fits into the top of the boat and if a lever is pushed down, the diver ‘dives’ into the water.

The water pours out through the mouth of the boat and my children love having Danny and his friends in the bath.


The toy is made from sturdy plastic and has bright and bold colours which are attractive to any child. I love the blue and white colours on the main boat.

The toy can be used both in and out of water and there are quite a few squabbles over who gets to play with it.


It  retails at £10.99 and is definitely worth the price.



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48 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway – Danny’s Diving Adventure from WOW Toys

  1. my kids have a suction cupped basketball net and they will be in the bath forever trying to make a basket in the hoop.

  2. my daughter has a plastic tea pot that she uses in the bath. she loves it even tho she has proper bath toys to play with she always uses that lol

  3. My daughter loves a horrible looking rubber locust god knows why but if it ever went missing the world would probably end.

  4. WOW! toys are our total favourite and I give them as gifts as often as possible. Totally indestructible (so far…..) and such good fun for small people. Including Granny!

  5. my older children are maybe a little too old now but my son does often sneak a water pistol into the bath with him …………..eventhough he doesnt know i know he does it lol @chanson2010

  6. I would love to win this for my 2 little boys to fight over! Oh sorry I meant to say play together nicely…….

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