Retail Royalty Challenge with MoneySuperMarket

When I received the Retail Royalty Challenge to support my local Charity by MoneySuperMarket, I knew I had to enter. I also had in mind which charity I would be supporting.photo2338


There was no doubt in my mind that I would support The Lullaby Trust. For those who don’t know, the Lullaby Trust, previously FSID, provides support for bereaved families and expert advice to prevent SIDS.

However, according to the rules of the challenge, I could not really support the Lullaby Trust as they really do not require groceries/blankets etc. What they require are funds to support their ongoing research to develop better ways to prevent these sudden, shocking deaths.


When I contacted The Lullaby Trust, I was more than pleased to discover that they fund another charity called Bubbalicious that helps young parents with advice and support. They also look at offering advice that prevents cot deaths so I got in touch with GRO to see what I could get for the charity so they could pass it on to new parents to use for their babies.

GRO very quickly agreed to help out and send me some products that are FSID approved for the Charity  – they sent me

Gro Egg x1

Sweet dreams 6-18m 0.5 Tog Grobag Extra Cool Travel bag x1

Sleepy Circus 18-36m 1.0 Tog Grobag x1

Penguin Pop Twin Grosuit Pack 3-6m x1

All Aboard Swaddle x1

All the above items are worth over £90 which I was thrilled to get for £30.


Then I was told that they would not charge for any of the products.

Great! As I now had £30 to spend on other things. There is a strange kind of joy to be had when one is shopping for someone else and doing it for a charity that one supports makes it even nicer!

I visited the Mothercare website as I was informed that Bubbalicious needed sheets and blankets and was happily surprised to find that nursery bedding was on sale.

With my £30, I managed to pick up –

3 x 2pack fitted sheets for Moses basket (£3.99 each normally £7.99)

2 x Cream Mothercare cotton cellular blankets for crib/moses basket (£3.99 each normally £7.99)

3 x Pink Mothercare cotton cellular blankets for crib/moses basket (£3.99 each normally £7.99)

I think the cellular blankets are ideal for babies and mine still have theirs and they love them. They are also ideal for when just a light covering is required.

I had the Mothercare order sent directly to Hannah from the Lullaby Trust and she was pleased to receive them. She sent me a picture to add to my post.


I am coordinating with Hannah to get the GRO products over to her too.

I am really pleased to know that most of the products will be going to Enfield Young Mums Group as they have been instrumental in Bubbalicious and recently had their funding slashed.

I was really thrilled to be able to enter this challenge and I know that young parents will greatly benefit from the products received.

In the end, the total worth of the goods was more than £150 so it was a great way to help Bubbalicious.

Disclaimer: I received £30 from Moneysupermarket to purchase products for my chosen charity.

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