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I think the children are not always happy that I am a teacher (well, used to be). I make sure that even if they don’t have any ‘homework’, they always have work at home.

It is a strong belief that reinforcing at home, what is done in school during the day, makes learning easier in the long run. As fast as children learn, they also tend to forget so repetition is by far the best practice, according to me.

I have a number of workbooks relevant to their age at home and I make them do a page of it a day – Mathematics and English. Workbooks do not get as many groans as normal writing does.

However, I have been noticing that even these have been met with complaints and the children are more prone to learning through apps. While I have nothing against this, I find that the apps do not mirror what is being learnt in school to a ‘T’ so it does not reinforce what has been taught in school.

I was asked to review a site called Education Quizzes and to be honest when I first heard of it, I thought it was just another learning app type of site. However, on actually visiting the site, my feelings changed. The website features education quizzes that actually reflect the school curriculum. I know this because when I went into the KS3 area, the quizzes had questions that were similar to the ones that my eldest gets for homework in Year 7.


Each quiz is made up for 10 questions and though you need to think before answering, there are multiple choice answers to help. What I really love about the quizzes is that as you answer each question it tells you if your answer is correct or wrong and it also gives a reason for why it is so. So much easier the turning to the back of the book or waiting till the end of the entire quiz to get the answers. You know immediately where you’ve gone wrong and it is easier to take note of it and understand where you’ve gone wrong.




I particularly like how the website is laid out. It is clear and age focused so you know exactly how to access what you are looking for.

Another plus is that all the subjects to that particular key stage or age are listed and by all, I mean even D and T, Citizenship and RE.

All the quizzes have been written by teachers.

Best of all, since each quiz consists of only 10 questions the children don’t feel over burdened and are spurred on to do more. At least, that’s what I found with mine. They wanted to take more quizzes and were interested. They also found similarities to what they are learning in school.

I also like the feature of nature blogs which has interesting information on plants, birds and animals. There are also specialist quizzes on flags of the world and art to name a few.


So, what is it going to cost you to access all these great quizzes?

£9.95 a month. This gives you access to all curricula over all age groups and you can cancel any time.

There are even test papers that you can download for a price of £2.99 each – very handy for those 11+ exams.

Now though I said that the subscription costs £9.95 a month (which I believe is good value for money, especially if you have more than one child at home), Education Quizzes has a special offer for schools which brings down the subscription costs to just £2 a child per year depending on the number of children in the school.

I know that I am definitely bring this to the notice of my children’s school as I know it will benefit each and every child. AS a parent, it really is worth visiting the Education Quizzes site and signing up.

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