Regatta Outdoor Clothing Review

About 2 months ago, I attended a lovely Regatta Outdoors event where the Spring/Summer clothing was showcased. I fell in love with a host of jackets and other fitness clothing.

When I was invited to review my favourite, it was a very difficult choice indeed. I liked so many of them.

For Spring/Summer, I required a jacket that was lightweight as well as kept me suitably warm and dry. I decided to go with this one – Bayeur Jacket in Navy.


I did like the yellow but chickened out last minute as I thought it would be too bright for my age  me. Besides, I wanted a jacket to wear with most outfits and thought that navy would be perfect for that.


The jacket has nautical features and I love the striped inner lining of the hood. Also the white piping around the hood and down the zipper and around the pockets, just make it look all the more stylish.

I wear it all the time and thankfully the weather has been such that it allows me show it off.

Since it is a light jacket, it is perfect for days when it is not too cold and yet not warm.

When we were being cereals!!!

Also, it is the best lightweight jacket I’ve ever had for the rain. It keeps the rain out. Totally.

It has adjustable cuffs and the hood is also adjustable with a drawcord.

It looks great with everything and I have worn it with casual clothes as well as a little more formal outfit.

It is priced quite reasonably too at £34.95 and is available in yellow and red.

If you are on the look out for a summer jacket that is stylish and functional – this is THE one.

And I’ll leave you with some images of the day I spent at the Spring/Summer Showcase –



You can check out the entire range at Regatta Outdoor Chothing

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