Readly – Unlimited Access to Your Favourite Magazines

When I was invited to review the Readly App, I was unsure of whether I would make full use of it. I do read a lot but when it concerns magazines, I don’t seem to have the time.

If you haven’t already guessed, the Readly App is magazine subscription app that allows you to read over 2000 magazine on your device through the app.

There are many categories of magazines from fashion to home to sport – all the popular magazines available off the shelf.

I found it really easy to register and set up an account and I was ready to read my first magazine.

I was spoilt for choice as I had so much to choose from.

What was great was that I could add a family member to my account too so I added Hubs to the account and he also caught up on the latest news in all his favourite magazines.

What’s more, we were able to explore many new ones too.

You can access Readly over 5 devices at any given time so it is perfect for a family wanting to read different magazines. You can also add to a favourites option and the app lets you know when there’s new content.

I didn’t take advantage of it as I should have – I was give a 3 month’s free trial in return for this post, but I am going to continue as I enjoyed having access to the wide range of magazines.

It was great to be able to just read the latest issues as well as the back issues without going to a store and finding the magazine was not available there.

It is a perfect gift even fore older people who may not want to walk down to a store to buy a magazine.

I would definitely recommend getting a Readly subscription. It’s priced at only £7.99 a month for access to all magazines. You can also cancel at any time as there is no tie in period.

There is a 14 day free trial too and you can sign up here –

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