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I recently had the opportunity to review Reading Eggs  –  an online help to teaching children to read. There are several stages First Steps : Aged 3 – 4 years, Ready for School: 5 years, Fun Practice makes perfect, and Continue the Reading Journey : 7 – 13 years.

All the steps take the child to a reading area.

For children aged 3 -7 there is the Reading Eggs programme where children are taught phonics and slowly taught how to read. The lessons are engaging and interactive and very appealing to little ones. My son is 4 and he enjoys getting on and learning new things.

For the older children there is a Floating Island in Reading Eggspress where they can go to different areas like the gym, stadium, library or mall and apartment. For each progression that you make you collect points and these points are acplayground-a6767fa125586ee62630275dbfe49109cumulated to play some very interesting games in each area. You also collect trophies so there is a lot of incentive for a child to get on it. My daughter is 8 and she loves browsing books and reading them and playing games that check spelling and vocabulary.

Both children love creating their own avatar and changing the wardrobe and hairstyles.

As a parent and a teacher I think Reading Eggs is a fantastic programme for children. It will help parents work with their child’s reading abilities before nursery school and also help with the curriculum when the child is attending school.

It is definitely worth the investment. There is a free trial period for both parents and teachers and I highly recommend taking a look at the site and going through the programme.

The online Reading Eggs programme costs only £39.95 for an annual subscription and considering you have access to so many activities and learning material, it is a worthy investment.




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