Ravensburger 3D Big Ben Jigsaw Review

You must have guessed by now how much we love jigsaws.

Well, we were recently sent one to review that has been the most fun to do.

The Big Ben at Night 3D jigsaw was something we enjoyed putting together.


The jigsaw from Ravensburger is made of plastic pieces. The pieces are numbered and also carry an arrow to show the direction in which the next piece should go.


The best part of the puzzle us the little light  that illuminates it and this is not just a normal ordinary light but one that changes colour. It has a switch to turn off so battery life is preserved.


Jadyn found it quite easy to do the main bit but it did get a bit tricky putting the tower together. I found it easiest to put it flat and you must follow the arrows to get it right.



When completed, it is a lovely 3D model of Big Ben. The light illuminates it changing from red to purple to green and yellow. The 216 pieces fit perfectly into each other withour the need for glue. It is aimed at children aged 10 and over and is a great jigsaw for adults too.

This is one for the mantlepiece or showcase.


The jigsaw is priced at about £24.99 and is around 39 cm in size.

We enjoyed putting it together and highly recommend it.

Disclaimer: I was sent this jigsaw for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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