Race for Life 2015 – We Did It!


Yesterday, Jadyn and I set off for our first ever Race for Life event. You must have read my previous posts about our training (if any) and how we were preparing as well as why we were running.

As I mentioned in one of my posts, there is a lot happening that took the excitement off this race but yesterday when I entered the grounds, I was awed.


A sea of pink – runners, joggers, walkers, pushchairs and even dogs on leads.

The atmophere was charged. The army ready to tackle the field.

And Jadyn and I were part of it.

The Pink Army – Race For Life


5km – 5000 metres.

Not a huge course but not so little either. A course for all abilities as it was held in the Old Deer Park.

For anyone who knows me – I’m not a runner or even a walker. I would rather take the car.

But for my Mum, I would do anything. Pity, I couldn’t save her.

Knowing that the money I am raising is going towards Cancer Research means everything. It means that it may help another child not losing a parent.

Race for Life
The Start…


Race for Life
The Finish…


I had calculated that we could probably complete the course in 50 minutes at a brisk walk but not overdoing it. And we did it. Though the clock says 56 minutes – we actually started later than the runners and we had stopped several times to take photos. To remember.

I know my little girl was worried she would not be able to complete the course but I know she felt the emotion as we joined the others and said – we have to run part of the way otherwise it will be like not putting in an effort for Grandma.

As I blinked away tears, I knew we would complete the course and as we passed each sign that posted the distance covered, I felt her achievement.


When I saw the amount raised, I know that mine is a drop in the ocean but then every drop makes the ocean so I am still fundraising. Please, click on the link at the end of the post and donate. It would mean a lot to us.


As we passed the finish line, it was a great feeling knowing that we had been part of such an amazing event.

We were handed a medal, a Brioche Pasquier roll and Aqua Pura Limited Edition bottle of water each.

There are many more events being held so if you think you would like to Race for Life visit their website here.

The 5K course was not difficult at all and for anyone having any misgivings, there are some wonderful supporters every step of the way – cheering you on.


It was so well organized – the course was set and it started on time and the entire field was abuzz.

Jadyn and I have decided to train for next year and try and beat our time by jogging.

Yesterday though…

The sun was shining, the pink army was in their battle gear – it was Race for Life 2015.

IMG-20150607-WA0002 (1)

Every little counts, so if you could donate even ONE POUND – it would help.

Visit our page https://www.justgiving.com/jacintaz3/ to donate.

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