Quaker® Oats To Go Range – Perfect for busy households

Some mornings – like today – I don’t seem to have the energy to get breakfast sorted. Especially for myself. The children have breakfast and this is something I don’t compromise on. But when it comes to myself, I find I overlook having breakfast. I go off with the kids on the school run without having anything but a cup of tea and then when I come back, I’m ever so hungry. I have so much of stuff to catch up on that I tend to snack instead of having a proper breakfast. Thank goodness I was invited to try the Quaker on the Go range.

The Quaker on the Go Range includes  new Quaker Porridge To Go Squares and the Quaker Fruit & Oat Squeeze. 

Quaker Porridge To Go Squares

A delicious soft and chewy square containing the same amount of oats as a bowl of porridge*. You can choose between Golden Syrup and Strawberry Raspberry Cranberry for a 100% wholegrain breakfast that is also a source of fibre and calcium for a mighty start to the day ahead. You can even enjoy these little squares warm thanks to the microwaveable packaging for when the mornings get cooler.

These are also quite delicious to carry around for a quick snack I find and the kids love them too.  The fact that you can warm them up makes it even more appealing during the colder months.

Quaker Fruit & Oat Squeeze  

This combination of yoghurt, fruit and oats with no added sugar means you can start the day in the best way. A source of fibre, you can choose between three tantalising varieties: Red Fruits, Apple & Cinnamon and Blueberry.

To be honest, I did find these a bit weird to start with but then found myself quite enjoying them. And the children love them.

I find both extremely handy for a quick breakfast fix and great for when I have to set out early on a weekend for an event.

The Quaker on the Go range is available in all supermarkets.

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