Q and A with Phil Gallagher aka Mister Maker

It’s half term and I am sure that Mister Maker is going to be very popular what with the weather being as it is!

There is also some exciting news as CBeebies Live is going back on stage in April – yes just in time for Easter break.

Today, I have a treat for you –

Here is a special Q and A with Phil Gallagher aka Mister Maker


Phil Gallagher, better known as CBeebies’ Mister Maker, talks about the upcoming CBeebies Live! The Big Band tour.

We were very excited to hear that you are going to be strutting your stuff on the CBeebies Live! The Big Band tour. Can you tell us who you’ll be sharing the stage with? 

One of the most exciting things about the tour is that it will bring ‘three Misters’ together! Mr Tumble, Mr Bloom and Mister Maker!

We’ll also be joined by the tall and talented Andy Day, lovely new Mummy Katy Ashworth and of course the wonderful Nina! I am also very excited because I am going to meet Rastamouse for the first time!

The show is playing some pretty huge arenas across the UK. Do you get butterflies in your stomach before you go on stage?

Oh yes! But I think it always good to be a little bit nervous…butterflies in your tummy are a sign that you want the show to be the best one ever – and I think “The Big Band” will be just that! It will be everything you expect from a CBeebies Live show…and much, much more.

This new show is called CBeebies Live! The Big Band, so it sounds as though we’re in for some musical treats. What’s your favourite instrument?

My voice! It is easy to forget that our voices are instruments in themselves…and we all plan to use them well during the arena tour. We want our CBeebies friends in the crowd to join in too!

Is there any special home comfort or item that you like to take with you on tour?

He’s already coming along – my best friend Justin! It is great being on tour with Justin…we didn’t get to see much of each other last year because we live far away from each other now and we were both away on location a lot. We’ll have a fun fortnight on the tour bus, catching up and watching movies!

If you could duet on stage with anyone who would it be? (Answer doesn’t need to be a CBeebies character)

I am a huge Pet Shop Boys fan. Always have been…always will be! So a duet with Neil Tennant would be my dream. I’d love the Pet Shop Boys to cover the Shapes Song one day…

This is your second time on the CBeebies Live tour. What are you looking forward to most?

That’s an easy one – the huge crowds. The atmosphere in the arenas is sensational. I cannot wait to help put on a fantastic show for our valued CBeebies audience. There will be fantastic music…with songs and nursery rhymes that we all love. Plus of course, I’ll be making some pretty cool dance moves too!

You’re famous for creating some amazing things out of the simplest of materials. Will you be passing on your crafty skills to your CBeebies friends while you’re on tour?

Of course! We will have many hours together on the tour bus…so I’ll no doubt be challenging my friends to a Minute Make or two!

I am really excited about the show and if you are too please visit www.cbeebieslive.com for more information about CBeebies Live! The Big Band.

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