Puppy Surprise Series 5 Calli Review

Aeryn loves watching reviews on YouTube and when we were asked to review the Puppy Surprise, she knew exactly what it was all about. Naturally knowing what the product was, she was very excited to receive them.

We received a puppy from Series 5 but Series 8 is now available and there are lots of new mummy dogs and babies to collect – they are called Eliza, Lexi, Chloe and Stacey.

If you don’t know about Puppy Surprise, the product contains a mummy dog with babies in her pouch. The surprise element is that you don’t know how many puppies she will have in her pouch. There could be any from 2 to 5.

One of the little puppies also makes sounds.

Our mummy had four puppies in her litter – one boy and three girls. The girls have a pink bow and the boys have a blue bow. They are a mixture of white and pink and all have different ears. Each one is different.

The mummy called Calli is lovely and soft. She has a sparkly collar and long hair that can be brushed. She has a pink bow on her head. Calli is a white dog with purple ears and tail and a sparkly purple nose.

The mummy and puppies are great for getting children to nurture and take care of animals. They also make great conversation starters such as – ‘Mummy, is that where puppies come out from and how did they get in there?’ which naturally follows with ‘did I also come out of your tummy like that?’

Thank goodness that the mummy dogs are cute enough to distract from these questions with ‘Shall we comb Calli’s hair?’

We’ve had a fun time playing with Puppy Surprise. Mummy dog and the puppies are super cute and I would highly recommend getting them. They are priced at £27.99 and are available at all major retailers.

Visit – www.flairplc.co.uk or Smyths Toys for more information


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