Puppy In My Pocket from Just Play: Review

I remember the Puppy in my Pocket toys being around when I was younger and it was great to be able to introduce them to the children.

They love puppies and keep harassing me to get them one. (Not happening, as I know that I’ll be landed with looking after it and it’s a responsibility I’m not quite prepared to take on now). So, for now they can make use of Puppy toys.

We were sent a collection of Puppy In My Pocket Toys to review –



Blind Bag

The Blind bag is priced at £2.49 and is ideal for starting a collection. Each bag has one puppy in it but it also comes with a list of all the 100 puppies available and you can tick off what you have. The girls are hoping to open a blind bag with a glitter puppy – that is ultra rare.





Clip On Pouch

The clip on pouch is priced at £9.99 and is rather good value as it comes with 5 pups and a little transparent bag in which to keep your puppy. This is ideal for attaching to your school bag and you can even change the puppies everyday. It is a rather cute idea.






Dog Park Playset

This is priced at £19.99 and comes with two exclusive puppies – Titus, the English Mastiff and Jackson, the Labradoodle. There is a tire swing, a see-saw and a hydrant hurdle – perfect for playful pups.

I found these collectibles to be of a very high quality. The puppies have a lot of attention to detail and they are quite adorable to look at. With 100 puppies in the collection, the range is great for children to collect. Blind bags are affordable and the children can even purchase them with their pocket money.

The children have been enjoying playing with them and since we have quite a few they all have their favourites. I’m told though that we need more as we’re no where near 100!

Puppy in My Pocket is from Just Play and the good news for all you cat fans is that there will be Kitty in my Pocket later this year.

Watch this space.

Disclosure: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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