Puffin Summer Audiobook Club – Review

As you must know from following my blog – we love to read.

I read a range of genres and thankfully the children love to read a wide range too.

Jadyn has been reading a number of books over the holidays and she really gets involved in the book and finds it hard to put it down.

Ethan needs a little work on his concentration but I’m guessing that will change as he gets older.

We were recently sent some audio books from Puffin to listen too as part of the Puffin Mumsnet Summer Audiobook Club

Now we had never listened to audio books – this was a first.


The first books was The Twits by Roald Dahl. The Twits is a story about a pair of – well – Twits who like to play tricks on each other. They are truly horrible people who are extremely cruel to the monkeys kept in a cage in their garden. But their reign of terror comes to an end with the arrival of a bird from Africa who helps the monkeys take their revenge.

It is of course not all morbid and it is quite funny.

The story is well read by Richard Ayoade and is accompanied by interesting music too. It is about an hour in length and is perfect for bedtime and especially good for car journeys.

Ethan enjoyed the story and I enjoyed listening to it with the children.

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet

The next one we reviewed is The Dinosaur that pooped the Planet by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter. It is all about Danny and Dinosaur who travel to outerspace. Danny forgets Dinosaur’s lunch and the dinosaur proceeds to eat everything in sight. How do they get back? You’ll have to just read it to find out.

This book was really funny and the children enjoyed it immensely.

I liked that the children listened closely to audio books and even though they are used to having a book read to them they were quite happy to listen to the story without the book.

I think an audio book is best accompanied with a physical book for little ones especially. However, this is perfect for getting children to hone in on their listening skills and increase concentration.

The children have been listening closely to the stories being read as they are have referred to instances from the books in other conversations and that is definitely a thumbs up for the books from me.


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