Proud to be an Official Playmobil Playologist

This is something that I’ve had under wraps for sometime but at last I can make an announcement –

I am an –

Playologist Logo Web



I was thrilled when I received the email letting me know that we had been chosen to join the Playmobil Playologist Family.

We love building and I have been keeping my eye on some of these sets for some time now. The children, were obviously over the moon when they were told that we had been chosen.

Of course that joy knew no bounds when we were sent a special delivery from Playmobil with sets for the children. You know this from the picture!!


We will be reviewing the sets (that is what we’re meant to do) but in the meantime we are having far to much fun in the playing in the land of Playmobil.

We are looking forward to this relationship and I’m sure we are going to enjoy being Playologists.

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