Proud to be an Official Baby Annabell Blogger

Zapf has been long loved in our family so this is one badge that I’m super thrilled to have on my blog. If my mum were here today, she’d be thrilled too as she loved dolls as much as I do.

I don’t play with them now (of course), unless I’m playing with my girls but I enjoy looking at new doll releases and marvelling at the how they’ve changed over the years.

We are absolutely delighted to carry this on my blog –



I am looking forward to bringing you all the latest news about the Baby Annabel range and review some of the products too.

We’ve had a sneak peek at the new range of dolls and accessories and they all look amazing. My daughters enjoy playing with the dolls and I know that this is one of the many blogging assignments that they are absolutely going to love.

Don’t forget to come back and visit again as I write about our relationship with Zapf down the ages.


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