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As a parent, I try to instill in my children, the idea of not wasting -anything. This pertains to electricity, products, paper and more importantly food.

I remember my parents always telling me not to waste food. In fact, we were not allowed to waste. We were served and we had to finish everything on the plate.

Nowadays, children tend to waste as a part of life – juice is half drunk, biscuits are half eaten.

I was sent this interesting press release and there are some things that I read that probably never occurred to me.

22% of struggling parents go without food to feed their children, while 75% of us regularly throw food away. New research out shows that not being able to feed ourselves or our children is a very real concern for many families across the UK. 42% of households consider it difficult to live on their income, with 20% of these struggling families borrowing money from family or friends in order to feed themselves and their children. Shockingly 22% of the parents in these families even go without food so that their children can eat. Yet 75% of us continue to throw away food that could have been eaten.

The #ClearAPlate campaign from Unilever Project Sunlight, supporting its partnership with Oxfam, launches with the Waste Not Want Not research which shows that ‘food poverty’ and ‘food waste’ are issues closer to home than many of us think. The research reveals an alarming paradox:


The research also shows a degree of cynicism, with a quarter of respondents believing their efforts to reduce food waste makes no difference and 1 in 5 people admitting they do not know what to do with leftover or uneaten food. However, once told about the scale of the problem 6 out of 10 of respondents stated that they would either take action to help or reconsider their own food purchasing habits.

#ClearAPlate to help the hungry

This has prompted Unilever to launch the #ClearAPlate campaign which pledges to provide an additional half a million meals to families in need through its partnership with Oxfam and calls on people to do their bit to address food waste, in order to help fight hunger.

How you can show your support for the #ClearAPlate campaign

* CLEAR their plate of food and take a photograph

* UPLOAD the image on their social media using #ClearAPlate to raise awareness of the issue

* VISIT to find out other ways to support the campaign, including donating meals or time to Oxfam. People can also find tips and advice on reducing food waste and clever recipe ideas

Since 2012 Unilever has supported Oxfam’s programme to provide nearly 2 million meals to people in need in the UK. With this campaign Unilever is providing an additional 500,000 meals to help families go from surviving to thriving. Unilever Project Sunlight, together with Oxfam, believes we should all have enough to eat and no child should go to bed hungry.

Did you know?

* One in five British families lives below the official UK poverty line1

* The use of food banks for emergency meals in the UK tripled over the last year 2

* We throw away 11,500 tonnes of food a day from our homes 3

* This equates to £700 a year, that’s 24 meals a month

* Everyday essentials are in the top three foods that Britons are throwing away: bread, potatoes and milk

* Half of all food waste in the UK comes from our homes, not shops and restaurants

* We have reduced household food waste in the UK in the last five years but this is not enough

* More than half of the food and drink we throw away could have eaten.

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