Project Sunlight #ClearAPlate Campaign Giveaway: Win a Hamper worth £50

As mentioned in my earlier post, I am working on the #ClearAPlate campaign to help reduce wastage.

As part of this project, I have been invited to offer this lovely giveaway to one of my readers so that you too can reduce wastage in the kitchen.

To win this amazing hamper worth £50 and containing the products below, all you need to do is enter the giveaway at the end of this post.


The hamper contains –

·         Colourful kitchen whisk

·         Measuring spoons

·         Fridge magnets with imperial/metric conversions

·         Measuring Jug

·         Multicoloured/stacking food containers

·         Reusable cupcake cases,

·         Egg Timer

·         Shopping list/meal planner notebook

·         Window planter with seeds

·         Leftovers Cookbook


Hamper worth £50 to help reduce wastage in the kitchen

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176 thoughts on “Project Sunlight #ClearAPlate Campaign Giveaway: Win a Hamper worth £50

  1. I usually have meat left over from our Sunday dinners (chicken, beef, pork, lamb etc) so the next day I usually make a stew, for exambple, a chicken stew made with chicken, potatoes, carrots and onions. My kids love my stews!

  2. I just love sticking whatever it is in the slow cooker, add some stock and wait a few hours then have a stew/broth and some bread. Always tastes good whatever it is!

  3. We make sweet potato mash with chipotle and various other additions, its really tasty, but the leftovers make sweet potato salad, again with spicy additions! mmmm!

  4. try not to have any left overs 🙂 but would normally be a curry to use up odds and ends – especially veg that is beginning to look a bit sad

  5. Left over mash or boiled potatoes. Mash I fry with a little butter till it starts to brown then with boiled spuds I slice them and fry them with oil to make potato slices, mine love them!

  6. Great prize; I’m always looking through my kitchen cupboards when I need something like that, but never find what I need.

  7. my favourite leftover meal is the second roast we have on Monday by cooking a few extra veggies on the sunday 🙂

  8. Cold mash potato and any left over veg made into vegetable patties – grilled and served with a nice salad and some cold cuts – a great next day lunch

  9. I make a thai style curry with leftovers from a chicken roast – mind you there’s only 2 of us so I expect a chicken to feed us for at least 3 meals. (I also stir fry it and make chicken burritos)

  10. I love making pizza using any left-over bolognese as the base. All you need to do is make the base, and add some cheese. It tastes amazing.

  11. I make something like a bubble and squeak from the veggies …. usually left overs are after a roast , so there is always meat and gravy left too which I then put together with mushrooms and onions and make a kind of a quick stewwy type thing …. its lovely anyhoo !! xx

  12. wraps. Depending what is leftover but many things (cold cuts, leftover warmed up chilli or mince etc) can be added to wraps with salad or roasted peppers or cheese and make a substantial lunch!! Even baked beans and cheese works (I add a little finely chopped fresh homegrown chilli pepper).

  13. I make left over hash – just everything chopped up really small, moulded into patties and fried in butter – delicious! 😀

  14. Love using any mash and veggies left over from a roast to eat with cold meat the following day. Freezes well too so as there is only two of us now I always make sure there are leftovers to freeze for a couple of meals 🙂

  15. I love chilli chicken. In fact we have just had roast chicken for tea so I’ll be making it tomorrow with the leftovers…can’t wait!

  16. Lovely scottish option of Stovies, made with left over beef, potatoes and onions. I am rather partial to a curry too though especially with the leftover turkey from christmas 😀

  17. Monday evening’s dinner usually consists of stir fry with the meat from Sunday lunch; add some noodles and it’s a quick and easy dinner that everyone enjoys.

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