Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment Review

In Jadyn’s mind there was always one thought – Being a nerd is something that is so not cool. How glad was I when we were introduced to Project MC2 where Smart is the New Cool.

Group 3

Project MC2 is the Netflix original series about 4 girls who are as smart as they are cool and Jadyn loves it.

MGA Entertainment also launched their Project MC2 product line last August at the same time as the series premiered and since then have added to the range.

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We were recently sent McKeyla’s Lava Light Doll – the new range which are the Project MC2 dolls with experiments.  Each character comes complete with their very own experiment for you to make at home. You can build McKeyla’s lava light or Camryn’s skateboard, make Adrienne’s volcano erupt or Bryden’s glow stick shine! And what’s great is that all experiments use products you can find in your own home for the ultimate in interactive science play.

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McKeyla’s Lava Light Doll comes with a McKeyla doll as well as a little Lava Light that you can make on your own. It is priced at £24.99 and Jadyn loves the doll.

The doll is quite cool and wears dungarees and a denim jacket with really awesome red boots. She wears a black hat and is quite attractive with long dark hair. It also comes with a backpack with a little book and a comb and a stand so she can stand hands free. And yes, there is a little lava light that you can make using oil and colour from your home. All the instructions are very clear too.

I like that the doll is a nice size and I love the message it gives to tweens.

There are other products from the range too


Project Mc2 Dolls (RRP £14.99)

Based on the girls in the show, the range includes a lifelike McKeyla, Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn – each with their own distinct styling.

A.D.I.S.N – Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook (RRP £24.99).

You can be a secret agent just like McKeyla McAlister with your vey own personal, digital notebook. With fun phrases directly from the character in the TV show, a booklet containing secret missions, hidden compartments and a special NeRDy bracelet, being an agent has never been more fun! The Notebook also ties into the free app, Project Mc2 Case Files, for even more action.

I would definitely recommend this range for children especially tweens.

Disclaimer: I was sent a doll to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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