Project 366 – Week 2


Day 10


Today I took the kids out to McDonalds. It was even more of a treat as we ordered with the help of the new screens. And there were Samsung Tablets for the children to play with at the table. What fun!

Day 11


We got to review some adorable Teletubbies toys. They brought back memories of when Jadyn was little.


Day 12


A trip to the dentist for my three. All given a clean bill of health but Jadyn has to return for a tooth extraction. Ouch!

Day 13


I’ve been nuturing my roses. Red ones too. Will they be ready for Valentine’s Day?

Day 14


Walk home from school. They were play 3 little ducks and waddling after each other. How I love them!

Day 15


Poorly little one but then these arrived so she felt much better.

Day 16


Spent a lovely morning at the Rose Theatre watching Mr Popper’s Penguins. The children had loads of fun.

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