Project 366 – Week 1- Days 1 – 9

I started Project 365 last year and gave up mid year. Not because I didn’t take pictures. I still took more than one each day -I was just too lazy and had a million excuses.

This year, I’m hoping to see a change in the way I do a lot of things so here’s starting with one of them. I am going to commit to completing #Project366 this year. Yes, it would have to be, wouldn’t it? The year I promise committment, there is a whole day more!

Here’s the first post and I must admit that it looks pretty much how I want the year to turn out – lots of family time, good meals and desserts and money. 😉

Day 1 – 1st January 2016

We didn’t do much. The children actually did some studies. Yeah I know. I can be a mean mum. But I’ve been raised by the belief  that what you do on the 1st day of the year determines the days to come. So, I decided to start growing a money plant. Not sure if it will actually work. I sure as hell didn’t win the Lotto on Saturday.



Day 2 – 2nd January 2016

We went out for a lovely family meal to an Indian restaurant near our home. And then we went to see ‘The Good Dinosaur’. It was one of those ‘quality time’ days.



Day 3 – 3rd January 2016

We suddenly realised that the children had run out of underwear. Well, not really run out. But they needed a new lot. So, we went shopping to Westfield and then had a chicken feast at Nandos.



Day 4 – 4th January 2016

Back to school. January blues in earnest. I probably dragged my feet more than the kids! But then, on my way to pick them up, I say this beautiful ray of sunshine shinning through and I felt so much better.



Day 5 – 5th January 2016

I’ve affirmed to do a lot more of the things I love this year. One of them is my new found love of crochet. Here’s a pretty butterfly for you.




Day 6 – 6th January 2016

Today for dinner we had a delicious honey pork dish served with rice with spring onions and peas.



Day 7 – 7th January 2016

I had been sent the Tefal Cook4Me to review and I knew that the first thing I would try would be a dessert. Here’s the really delicious Lemon Sponge made in the Cook4Me.





Day 8 – 8th January 2016

I decided that this year we would incorporate more fish into our diet. On Friday, I had decided to have a fish dinner. Grilled fish and vegetables. Healthy start to the new year.




Day 9 – 9th January 2016

We had a great day out today too. A delicious lunch at Beefeater and then a drive home. The drive was not perfect as it rained all the way too and fro but the meal more than made up for it. It was a leisurely meal at a newly refurbished restaurant and the desserts were to die for.




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3 thoughts on “Project 366 – Week 1- Days 1 – 9

  1. I really wish I could eat fish but apart from tuna I dont like the stuff, but I know it is good for me.
    The lemon sponge looks good. Googled the cook4me and it sound interesting, looking forward to your review. Its a halogen cooker I want. Lots of eating out as a family is fun.

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