Project 365 – Week 9:Days 53 – 59

Can it be March already? Nearly Spring?


Day 53

Sunday – we went for a short drive to Richmond Lock. So near us but we’ve never been and it was so pretty.


Day 54

Today I made a healthy soup with tofu, shitake mushrooms and egg. Delicious!!


Day 55

Tuesday – both the older two down with chicken pox. Lots of gels and calamine and Anti-histamine and Calpol.


Day 56

At home as all were ill, we made some rather lovely bracelets.


Day 57

A beautiful pendant delivered with the children’s names engraved.


Day 58

The children were still under the weather but this certainly cheered them up. A Nintendo delivery.


Day 59

Today, I travelled to Maidenhead for the #AppAndAway event with Three Mobile UK. The iPhone 6 Plus is amazing. Didn’t want to give it back. 🙂

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