Project #365 – Week 8 : Days 46 – 52

I had been looking forward to half term ever since we went back to school. Honestly.

The bliss of not having to wake up early and run to school!!

However, things were not as laid back as I thought and we had a fun-filled, very exciting week.


 Day 46

We had a wonderful today at home. We watched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie again and Ethan had loads of fun dressing up.


Day 47

Today, was The Book of Life Twitter party. We had a fun time and made a lot of noise. (just to let the neighbours know it was half term)


Day 48

We couldn’t get through the day without making pancakes. These blueberry and chocolate pancakes were a hit.


Day 49

We had two events in London today and both were a lot of fun. We first attended the #NortonFairyTale event where we learned about staying safe online. We then headed off to London Bridge for an exciting afternoon of scooting and skateboarding with VTech.


Day 50

A very exciting parcel was delivered today for the upcoming Twitter party. Yes, the Doc will be in on the 26th from 1 – 3 and we are very excited.


Day 51

Hubs was off today so we took the children for lunch and a movie. Made a nice change from driving around.


Day 52

It was a horrible day  – rainy and cloudy and cold, so we decided to stay in and get ready for the week. Made a hearty stew and we all enjoyed it.

That’s our week  – we had a great time. Linking up to Project #365 over at The Boy and Me

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3 thoughts on “Project #365 – Week 8 : Days 46 – 52

  1. Oh I love your Book of Life photo. A Mexican hat there too? As you know we have one featured in our 365 too 🙂 Yeah let the neighbours know they have kids next door ha ha!!!
    Love all of your pics.
    When did you change your blog header? Love this one!
    Liska xxx
    P.S. your G+ page in the about section does not link to your blog

    1. Hi Lovely, I loved your Mexican hat photo. 🙂
      I changed it last week as was tired of the old picture and wanted a change of image.
      I checked the G+ and it goes to a share I think. A bit confused.
      Looking forward to catching up with your week in your next #365 post.

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