Project #365 – Week 3: Days 11 – 17

This week has been quite a good one actually. We have been out and about and received a rather lovely invitation too. We are waiting for snow. Can’t quite believe it’s the middle of January already.


 Day 11

We started with going out on Sunday – our first event of the year- to a Mickey Mouse Tea Party with Subway. The children had loads of fun doing the Hot Dog dance and meeting Mickey.


 Day 12

Monday was a kind of cold, gloomy day. Love this picture though taken early morning.


 Day 13

Made a yummy lasagne AND perfect Panna Cotta for dinner.


 Day 14

The children shared some cuddles and sibling love before school.


 Day 15

I received a surprise from Nintendo – the New 3DS. It’s mine – all mine!


 Day 16

My cutie – the sticker on her face is her ‘cutie mark’ she says. (My Little Pony?)


  Day 17

Yay – we received our tickets for the gala screening of Big Hero 6 at Leicester Square. Soooo excited!

That’s our week. Next week – pictures from the premiere and more…





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2 thoughts on “Project #365 – Week 3: Days 11 – 17

  1. oooooh how exciting to be going to see Big Hero 6 – i hope it is (was now probably!) good?
    i know what you mean about how it is the middle of January already – where has this year gone !! oh and i love lasagne and seeing that photo has not helped my tummy rumbles!!
    Thank you for linking up to Project 365 x

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