Project #365 – Week 2: Days 4 -10

This week has seen us back to school. Not really easy when we have been having lie ins and late breakfasts (read lunch). But, hey, its the New Year and we are ready to brave the winds and carry on with life.

20150103_164856_LLS_resizedDay 4

Loved this picture that I took. It looked so beautiful when I looked up that I had to stop and take it. It didn’t matter that people must have thought I was crazy stopping in the middle of the pavement and whipping out my phone and aiming it at the moon.

20150107_083414Day 5

Back to school – getting up early was difficult today. But there seem to be some happy faces here so all’s good.

20150106_164149Day 6

Declutter, declutter, declutter – You’ll be surprised how much you collect over the holidays. Today I packed up 4 bags of rubbish we don’t need. Goodness, am I becoming a hoarder?

20150109_121223Day 7

We were sent this lovely package of products from Oilatum to review – just what we need for dry skin during these cold days. Don’t worry, there’s is also a giveaway to go up soon.

20150107_083525Day 8

My little one decided to hold her sister’s hand on the way to school. How sweet is that?

20141230_164455Day 9

Today nursery was tiring and Aeryn was asleep at 5. She did get up before bedtime. Don’t ask what time she finally went to bed!!


Day 10

We’ve been building with Littlest Pet Shop – Aren’t these the cutest?

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4 thoughts on “Project #365 – Week 2: Days 4 -10

  1. Love that eerie moon shot. Oh dear look at all those bin bags. I did my declutter before Christmas but I must keep on top of it else it will be back the same way. Nothing wrong with being a hoarder 😉

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