Project 365 – Week 1: 01Jan2015 – 03Jan2015

This year I have promised myself that I will work more on my blog. Don’t I do enough? Maybe, but this year I want to do things differently.
So, very ambitiously I have decided to join in Project 365. I do take a lot of photos so doing this should not be hard. Well, hopefully not. I joined in last year briefly and then gave up. This year I will have more staying power and WILL see this through.

Day 1
It is said that it is lucky to have fish on New Years Day. It is also lucky to have greens (symbol of money). This being said, we had grilled salmon with stir fried broccoli rice.


Day 2
Today we went to the Magical Ice Kingdom. It was pretty and the ice sculptures were fantastic.


Day 3
My 3 – last weekend of the holiday. Back to the school run on Monday. Not looking forward to it. I’ve gotten used to getting up late and taking it easy.

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