Prezzy Box Review

If you want to look for perfect gifts for any occasions that are unique and will bring a smile to any face look no further than the Prezzy Box.

I received these two great gift ideas from Prezzybox – a Grow It Bonsai Tree and a Cupcake Decorating Kit from Hummingbird Bakery




The Grow It Bonsai Tree, is an amazing gift that you can give to a loved one for an ever lasting memory. I think nature is so lovely and to give someone a chance to have these cute Bonsai trees to remember you by is really great.        DSC06287

The pack came with:

4 packets of mixed bonsai seeds of different varieties

5 starter growing pots made from coconut husk

5 natural coconut husk compost discs

5 wooden plant markers

A Bonsai growing booklet

The children were very excited and could not wait to plant the trees. However, I have decided to plant only one to see how it works out. It is a long process as you have to plant it in the compost and  then keep it in a plastic bag for about 2 – 3 weeks, then keep it in the fridge for about 2 weeks. This is as per instructions.

We are only at the first stage but shall post more pictures as we go along!



The Cupcake Decorating Kit from Hummingbird Bakery came in a lovely box with a book with cupcake recipes and 100 beautiful cupcake cases in pink with hummingbirds on it. I am going to be trying out the chocolate cakes on Saturday in time for Mother’s Day.



There are some amazing recipes in it and all of them are quite unique. Some of the  recipes  include hazelnut and chocolate, peaches and cream, ham and mushroom and spinach and cheese. There is a section on frostings and baking tips.



The children cannot wait to try them all out in turn, so there is a lot of baking for me to do. I think I will be running out of cases pretty soon!

This is an ideal gift to give to a Mother on Mother’s Day. It is also great to give to anyone who loves to bake.



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