Presenting – The Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator: combining function and style

I can quite get used to this – having an evening out in London in a beautiful home with lovely hosts and a fantastic dinner.


This particular evening was rather special as it was held at The Violin Factory (featured in Grand Designs) and we were at the unveiling of the new Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator.


We were introduced to the refrigerator and its features were brought to our attention by Robert King, Vice President of Consumer Electronics Samsung UK & Ireland. He says “Our new Food Showcase refrigerator makes organisation in the home almost effortless. Creating zones which maximize space inside your fridge – for example having a kids area lower down, or a separate, easy access drinks section – reduces the stress of having to find certain items, particularly if you’re in a rush. Everything has its place, so everything is easy to find. All of which makes for a happier home.”



Carl Warner, the Foodscape Artist, spoke about his inspiration for his latest spectacular creation, which was the Showcase.




Vicki, professional declutterer, was on hand to share her stories to make the home less cluttered. After that chat I realised that I badly ‘need a Vicky’ 😉


But of course, the star of the evening was the Showcase refrigerator. It is every person’s dream refrigerator. I know it’s mine.

To look at , it is sleek and not as large as I expected. But once open, it is the prefect mix of space and utility. Everything you could possibly want in a fridge has been taken care of. I love the double door concept – and by that I don’t mean the two-door like you see in other refrigerators but the double doors on the one side. Maybe the photo below makes it clearer.


The refrigerator side has a double door feature that facilitates keeping the things you use more often like milk, drinks, kids snacks etc.

Open the second door to reveal the other items that you use less frequently thus conserving the temperature.

Space wise – this is a treat. The baskets can be removed so it can be brought to the table. They slide in easily and are at a low height so children can access it themselves and one doesn’t have to get up and walk to the fridge just as one has settled on the sofa. It happens to me a lot. While I am in the kitchen, I ask the children several times if they would like a snack or a drink and the answer is usually no. But, no sooner than I settle myself on the sofa than they are hungry and thirsty.

20140605_205418The freezer section is no less amazing – it produces ice cubes and crushed ice too and there is loads of space.


Everything can be adjusted at the touch of a button – the temperature setting, the lighting. It even has a vacation function for when you are away that keeps the freezer working but the fridge off, which is really handy I think as you don’t need to bin all the freezer food before you go and you will have food at the ready when you are back. And yes – it has a child lock function.

This is a refrigerator for singles, families, perfect for parties and suited to every home. Even the smaller kitchens can fit this in as it is so sleek. It looks so good that if my kitchen were small, I would set it up in my living room!!

We also had a wonderful meal cooked by Michelin starred chef –



and the menu was

samsunglaunch_094During the meal, I had the opportunity of chatting with Richard about their new Smart Home idea and the Showcase refrigerator too.


It was a really enjoyable evening and I am so glad I made the effort of going.


I am soooo coveting the Samsung Showcase Refrigerator and hoping that Samsung starts a Blogger Ambassador programme. I will be first in line. 😉

There are refrigerators….and then there is the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator!!

Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to write this post. I just think that the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator is such a brilliant kitchen must have.

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