Presenting the KiQPlan from Fitbug

This year I’m going to get fit and more importantly lose weight. You’ve heard that before? Yes, you probably have, but this year it’s more than a resolution, it’s a commitment!

I know I have already lost some weight through a bit of dieting and a bit of exercise and I can already get into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Yay!! Let’s not talk about the muffin top. I just spoilt the news with that piece of information, didn’t I? Sigh!

This year I’ve decided that the muffin top has to go – for good!


To help me, I am being given an opportunity to review the new KiQPlan. The KiQPlan is a   library of interactive coaching programs that work with most leading trackers, smartphones or smartwatches, to help people of all fitness levels realise a variety of specific health, fitness and wellness goals.

Priced at £19.99, inaugural KiQplans included specific, tailored weight loss programs for men and women called Beer Belly Blaster and Slim + Trim as well as a pre natal regimen called Healthy Baby Bump1 and a post-natal plan called Goodbye Baby Belly . They work with any iOS or Android mobile device and are on the Apple app store and Google Play as well as

Kiqplan Screen Collage[2]

KiQplans work with iOS and Android mobile devices to provide highly personalised experiences. Activity targets, types and reps of various exercises, healthy eating targets and advice can be adapted to suit the individual. workout

They integrate with most leading activity trackers (including Fitbug, and third party trackers such as Jawbone, Nike Fuel, Misfit and Withings), as well as smartphones and smartwatches’ dedicated sensors. Progress is also monitored through lifestyle reports inputted by the user and data from other apps such as MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. While the suggested exercise routines, activity and nutrition targets, motivational tips and content all vary for each specific program, each KiQplan features:

  •  Personal activity, nutrition and sleep targets, set weekly based on the chosen plan and adapted to their own rate of progress.
  •  Weekly personalised workouts featuring “how-to” video instruction to ensure exercises are completed with accurate form to maximise results.
  •  Dynamic activity and nutrition tracking with users able to import data from other apps or devices or log their own behaviour.
  •  Lifestyle tracking (e.g. sleep quality, weight,alcohol consumption, cigarettes smoked, etc).
  •  Weekly articles and recipes focused on the required outcome.
  •  Rewards and badges for added encouragement.
  •  Daily plan based tips.
  •  Feedback and reminders via in-app messaging and push notifications.
  •  Webinars on a range of outcome related topics, with Q&As with experts.

The KiQPlan is from the makers of Fitbug, a global leader in digital health and wellbeing. It has behind it  10 years of experience monitoring and motivating people on their self-improvement journeys. The content, tracking and logging capabilities are deeper than anything that has gone before and uniquely adapt to the pace of the individual user. Eleven experts contributed to the plans, with more than 350 individual exercises being filmed and a database of over 400,000 food items compiled to make this an incredibly rich experience.

I can’t wait to try this plan out and as it is priced at £19.99, it is not a modest sum to pay to look one’s best.

I shall be trying out a plan so please do come back and find out how I fared.

Disclaimer: I will be reviewing one of the KiQPlans. All ideas expressed are my own.

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