Precision Chef Knife Series from Edge of Belgravia – Review

A few weeks ago we were sent these beautiful set of knives from Edge of Belgravia.


Now, I like cooking but only if it’s undisturbed which is highly unlikely. Whenever I go into the kitchen, I have someone needing something and most times I have burnt onions and spices. (Just kidding!)

Hubs is an excellent cook and I’m quite happy to be sous chef.

To me, the first thing about cooking is having a good set of knives for the preparation stage.



I have a tennis elbow (never played tennis in my life though) and cutting ingredients especially meat is quite trying. I have been moaning about my knives for a long time now.

The Precision extension range is an affordable range. It’s design is inspired by Christian Bird and has a non- stick blade coating. It is made of stainless steel.


When I have bought a set of knives in the past, I have always been disappointed by the fact that within a few days, they seem to lose their edge and I need to sharpen them. I really hate sharpening knives as I hate the sound they make on the sharpener.

We have been using our set for Edge of Belgravia for almost a month now and I’m so pleased that they’ve retained their sharpness to date. It cuts through so easily even bigger chunks of meat.



The set of 4 knives is priced at £69 and consists of a bread knife, chef’s knife, deba and paring knife.


We used the knives for the first time to make our favourite dish of Vindaloo which follows a family recipe and tastes delicious. This is a slightly different recipe from the usual Vindaloo and in keeping with my Anglo-Indian heritage it is served with Yellow rice and Salad.

I’ll be putting up the recipe soon so you can have a try for yourself. I guarantee you’ll love it.

The chef’s knife made cooking a pleasure and since then I’ve used the bread knife too when we had a recent picnic indoors. (more on that soon)

I received these knives for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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