Power Puff Girls Toys Review

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Power Puff Girls. They are 3 girls – Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup – who have super powers and are a part of the series of the same name that is aired on Cartoon Network.

We received the Power Puff Girls Storymaker Playset and a set of two Power Puff Girls figures to review.

What I liked is that the Playset allows one the freedom to create any story one wants. Aeryn made up quite a lot of stories with the villains (well at least they look like villains) being destroyed by the Power Puff Girls.

It went like this –

One day, there were two naughty ladies who went to steal some clothes from a shop. A Power Puff Girl came to the store and gave a flying kick to one of them. The naughty lady fell down on a button that opened the cupboard door which banged into the other naughty lady. She fell down too.

They both were caught by the police and never stole again.

The set and the figures are made with good quality plastic and I know they will last for quite long. They are reflective of the characters from the series and are identical in characteristics.

We enjoyed playing with them and I found the price quite competitive.

I would recommend them for any Power Puff fans so they can make their own story too.


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