Poundland Christmas – gift giving made easy!

As part of the Poundland Christmas blogger challenge, I was given £20 to purchase gifts/toys/decorations. I was quite excited at the prospect as I do visit Poundland for deals and especially at Christmas, I find I get good deals especially when it concerns chocolate and other goodies.


When I went into Poundland, I was a little overwhelmed seeing the huge crowd and the huge selection. I pretty much knew what I wanted to get but I was still going to browse to get the prefect gifts. I needed some stocking fillers and I needed a few other knick-knacks to use as add-on gifts.

If you look at the things I bought, they will be mostly in the chocolate range because these are ideal for stockings or also to club together to make gifts for the children’s school friends.

I got  –


Kinder Minis (my children love these Kinder chocolates and this is the first time I have seen these minis boxes so I couldn’t resist)


Cadbury Freddo Faces (ideal for stocking fillers)


M&M’s ( the peanut ones – I love these)


Smarties ( great for stocking fillers and also for decorating cupcakes)


Cadburys milk tray (I am going to use these in combination with other gifts)



Chocolate chip cookies in a Disney themed tin (this will be a nice gift to give to school friends maybe with a chocolate box)


Nail polish (A great stocking filler for my niece)


Ice cream lip gloss (looks perfect again to add as a small gift on the tree)


Batteries (I always pick these up from Poundland because I feel they are a really good deal and ideal for toys)


Japanese girl money box (I think this is adorable and would have bought more but there weren’t any – it is really cute and I may actually just keep it for myself)


Flash All Purpose Cleaner – this is a gift to myself. I am pretty sure I am going to need it for all the spills over the Christmas season. Besides with visitors sure to drop in, I will have to get cleaning! Bah Humbug!

I really enjoyed my spending spree in Poundland and was overjoyed with the amount of products that I got. I now have a little trolley full of gifts packed away from prying eyes. I can’t wait to get wrapping!

Disclaimer: I was given a £20 voucher to purchase anything I liked for Christmas from Poundland. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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