Pottery Cool Review

We were sent Pottery Cool from Spinmaster to review and I was particularly pleased to give it a shot as I had seen this at the Toy Fair and it did look a lot of fun. Besides I always wanted to try pottery – after seeing ‘Ghost’!


This was not sent for me to review really but was for my daughter.

Pottery Cool comes with everything you need to make some pretty cool things –  a jewellery holder, pencil toppers, phone holder.

81kih0-woal-_sl1500_It includes –

  • Pottery Cool Clay Studio,
  •  Spray Bottle,
  •  Tool Holder,
  • 2lbs Clay (4 clay discs),
  • Paint Brush,
  • Sculpting Tools,
  • Coring Tools,
  • Cores,
  • Sleeves,
  • 10 Colors of Paint,
  • Instruction Guide

It is pretty easy to follow the instructions as they are very clear. All you need do it fold the clay over the mould and switch the toy on. You can then smoothen and stretch the clay to how you want it to look.


Cut off all the excess portions and save the bits as you could use it for other products.

Leave it to dry for about 15 minutes and then remove the sleeve.



You will need to allow it to dry overnight before you paint it.


For the jewellery holder, you need to make the holes in the rim with the corer once the clay is a little dry about 20 minutes.

We enjoyed making products and have to paint them now but they look pretty nice.

The product is priced at about £39.99 and is available at all major retailers. It would make a fantastic Christmas present for any child.


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