Postman Pat: The Movie – A Review

For those who love the series which involves a friendly postman and his black and white cat, this could be a revelation.

Postman Pat the postman is definitely not the hero of this film. It’s Pat the superstar.

Postman Pat is a household name in most families and anyone with a little one has at sometime or the other found herself humming the tune in the kitchen. With his first appearance on big screen, Pat shows us that he is more than just an ordinary postman. He obviously has a lot of hidden talents.

The Story

This debut cinematic outing sees veteran Postman Pat Clifton (Mangan) enter TV talent show You’re The One when auditions hit his home town of Greendale. Presented by Simon Cowbell, Pat – together with cat Jess – proves a knockout sensation, reaching the finals (with a singing voice provided by none other than RONAN KEATING). However, when Chief Executive Officer of the Special Delivery Service, Mr. Brown (Broadbent) plans to put Pat’s new-found publicity to good use, his very existence is threatened by the introduction of the Patbot 3000 – robot replicas that take over his postal duties! Can Pat save the day and his job?

What we thought of it…

When I told my older two that we had Postman Pat the Movie, to review, they told me that my little one could watch it as Postman Pat was for babies. Well, it says a lot that as we all sat down together to watch, I found that all three of them were enjoying the movie.

They loved the new Pat and we have watched it several times since. We loved the storyline and the ‘Patbot’. I wouldn’t mind having a bot in my house.


For those who are serious Postman Pat fans and are not open to change, this may not appeal. But with times changing, it is perhaps right that Pat also undergoes a makeover.

We loved it. He does not really give up his postal duties – so all is fine.

This is definitely one for Postman Pat fans and even those who are not fans will enjoy it as did my older two.

Postman Pat  will be available to own on Blu-ray and DVD from 29th September.  The film features the amazing vocal talents of STEPHEN MANGAN (Rush, TV’s Episodes), JIM BROADBENT (Harry Potter, the upcoming Paddington), DAVID TENNANT (TV’s Doctor Who, TV’s Broadchurch) and RUPERT GRINT (Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley).

Disclaimer: I was sent the Postman Pat DVD for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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