Post Election 2015 – What Will the Future Bring?

So, the General Elections are over. And after all the hype, there have been some very surprising results.

Did I vote? Yes I did?

I know a lot of people did and I do know of a few that didn’t because they think it’s not worth the effort.

I did because I am concerned about what the future will bring. I’m not exactly looking at a ‘Que Sera Sera’ future especially for my children.

I, like everyone else, have lots of hopes and dreams. Some involve the near future and some involve my children and since they are young, we are looking quite a bit down the line.

I would love my children to go to University and more than that have a profession in hand. As times get tougher, it is becoming more and more difficult to get jobs and I believe that having being a professional will make a difference. Yes, there are professionals who are still not placed in the job of their dreams but I’ve always told my children that hard work pays and you will succeed. Of course, a lot has to do with the opportunities available both for study and work and I’m hoping that no matter which party is in power  –  they do good by the young people and give them ample opportunities to carve out a better life for themselves.

There have been a lot of promises made and I am hoping that the parties in power stick to these promises to empower the youth.

I sometimes wish I could look into the future and see what it holds in store. I did have a Tarot reading done once and it had quite a lot of truth in it. It was quite eerie to have someone tell you things that had happened in the past. And some of the things I was told about the future also did come true.

I also read my horoscope and like reading about astrology. I believe that the signs under which we are born have a lot to do with our personalities.

I often think of getting my cards read again or having a psychic reading done and have visited TheCircle which offers Tarot, psychic and astrological readings to name a few but have never had a reading done.

Have you ever had a reading? Do you know anyone who is psychic? Leave a comment – I’d love to know.

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with TheCircle. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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